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Stabilisation system

ALLU Stabilisation System provides a fast, cost effective and environmental-friendly work method for the hardening and dynamic strengthening of soft soils as well as for improving the soil’s deformation properties. ALLU Stabilisation System is also well suited for processing contaminated soil masses. ALLU Stabilisation System consists of three devices. ALLU PF pressure feeder dispenses and feeds the binder to the ALLU PM power mix attached to the excavator, which then mixes the binder into the soil. ALLU DAC. measures, controls and reports the entire stabilisation process.
Mass stabilisation is a fast and cost effective method for hardening soft ground by adding binder into the soil. For example, different types of clay, peat, slurry and other soft ground materials can be transformed into a solid layer by using the stabilisation method.
ALLU Stabilisation System also enables access to sites whose foundation is too soft for working, for example, bogland. The stabilisation method can also be used for processing contaminated material by encapsulating the contaminated soil inside the ground and thus preventing the contaminant from spreading into the surrounding area.
Projects that have used the mass stabilisation method:
Stabilisation work for road construction and foundation engineering:
• Foundations for industrial buildings and bridges
• Yard, parking, sports and storage areas
• Reducing land subsidence
• Stabilisation of extremely soft soils for tunnel boring
• Foundation work for the job sites of roads, streets and railways
• Foundations of different types of pools and reservoirs
• Underwater protection layers
• Building sites for cable ducts and pipeline channels
• Noise barriers
• Groundwater protection layers
• River, lake and road embankments
• Reducing erosion
• Frost protection layers
• Special foundation structures where the mass stabilisation is a part of the foundation structure
Processing contaminated soil:
• Isolating/encapsulating the contaminated soil
• Neutralising toxic waste
Mixing different substances:
• Recycling industrial by products
• Solidifying liquid waste