Triple section screen
  Screens for rough soil
  Recycling crushers
  Morbark Tub Grinder


Keestrack - gravel screens and recycling crushers.
The headquarters of the Belgian Keestrack company is located in Hoeselt, which is also the place where the equipment is designed. The manufacturing of the equipment is again carried out in the company's own factory in the Czech Republic with a successful combination of high quality and competitive price.

Quality and availability of spare parts contribute to higher operating rate.
Experts can recognise the quality of Keestrack product designs already at a glance. The form and robust frame of machine frames, sizing and quality of peripheral devices such as conveyor components together with their functions, and the piping of hydraulic lines are undeniably appealing to the eye of even the most demanding clients.
Axles and bearings with millimetre sizing, hydraulic components such as Bosch-Rexroth and Danfoss-Sauer facilitate availability of spare parts and speed up service, since machinery downtimes will not be prolonged even with unexpected damages.

Keestrack product family contains currently the following:
Triple section screen with millimetre sizing, screens for rough soil, recycling crushers.

Compact size for easy transfers
Keestrack equipment designs not only take into account service friendliness but also the external dimensions of the machines and ease of transfer. Even though here in Finland it is not a problem to transfer even the widest machinery, the machine width of less than 2.55 m only comes as an advantage.